Angel & Tarot Card Readings

Men & Women have consulted tarot and oracle readers for hundreds of years and most seek out this form of divination for one reason – guidance & reassurance on major life issues.

In the world of divination Angel Cards are relatively new. They have only been available commercially since the 1970s, but have since become a very popular method of divination.

Both Angel and Tarot Card Readings can help provide guidance and understanding of what is happening around you. They can also help give you options or reflect inner most feelings.

Angel cards are very gentle, and for some people are less scary than tarot cards, although there is no reason to feel scared of Tarot cards either. People have been using them for centuries.

As well as private 1-1 readings group readings can be a fun way to spend an evening.


Psychic Awareness Groups

Would you like to learn how to develop your psychic awareness, learn how to use your intuition to help you in your daily life, read cards for yourself, learn about crystals and how to use them and how to meditate and much more. Why not come along to one of the psychic awareness groups and givi it a try. Please contact me by email or call me on 07909513500.


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1 Hour                  £30.00

30 Minutes         £15.00



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